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Top 4 Water Storage Solutions for RVs

Water Storage: A quick overview of the most common solutions for storing water on the go.

If you're an RVer, you likely already know that having a reliable water storage system is crucial for a successful journey. At a minimum, access to clean water is essential for cooking, cleaning, and maintaining personal hygiene. Today we are exploring the best water storage solutions for RVs, ensuring you have a steady supply of water during your adventures.

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Filtration and Treatment: Making sure your water is clean and ready for use


1. Freshwater Tanks

The primary water storage solution for most RVs is an internal freshwater tank. These tanks come in various sizes, typically ranging from 20 to 100 gallons. When choosing an RV, you should review the fresh water tank size and consider factors like the number of people traveling with you and your water consumption habits. Regularly inspect and clean the tank to ensure the water remains fresh and free from contaminants.

2. Portable Storage Containers

Supplementing your RV's onboard freshwater tank with portable water containers is an excellent option for extended trips or boondocking adventures. These containers come in various sizes and can be easily refilled at water stations or with rainwater using catchment systems from WildWater RV. Look for durable, BPA-free containers with convenient carrying handles for ease of use.

3. Water Bladders

If you have limited storage space in your RV, water bladders are an excellent space-saving option. These flexible containers can be placed in narrow spaces, like under the bed or in compartments, making the most of the available room. They are also lightweight and collapsible when empty, allowing for easy storage.

4. Collapsible Water Jugs

Collapsible water jugs are perfect for short trips or as backups to your main water storage system. They are compact and take up minimal space when not in use. Choose jugs with leak-proof lids and handles for easy pouring. Some even come with garden hose threading for easy integration with rain catchment systems like the ones from WildWater RV. 

5. Water Filtration Systems

Ensuring that the water you store is clean and safe for consumption is essential. Invest in a quality water filtration system to remove impurities and contaminants. There are various options available, such as inline filters, under-sink filtration units, and portable water purifiers, catering to different needs and budgets.

6. Water Treatment

For an extra layer of protection against harmful microorganisms, consider using a water treatment solution. These treatments can come in the form of tablets or liquid and can be added to your whole freshwater tank or to individual servings of water. Water treatment can be one of the most comprehensive ways to kill bacteria and make sure your water is completely safe from pathogens and other potential harmful characteristics. 


A reliable water storage system is a vital aspect of any RV adventure. Whether you opt for freshwater tanks, portable containers, or collapsible jugs, make sure to prioritize water quality and cleanliness. Combine your chosen water storage solutions with appropriate water filtration or purification methods to ensure you have a continuous supply of safe and fresh water on your journeys. Happy travels and stay hydrated!

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