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At WildWater RV, we understand the growing interest in rainwater harvesting for various uses. However, it is essential to be aware of certain considerations and potential risks associated with collecting or consuming rainwater. Please carefully read and acknowledge the following disclaimer regarding rainwater:


Quality and Contamination

  • Rainwater quality can vary based on numerous factors, including environmental conditions, collection methods, and storage practices.

  • While rainwater is generally considered safe for non-potable uses, such as gardening or cleaning, it may not meet the same standards as treated or municipal drinking water.

  • Rainwater can potentially contain contaminants, including but not limited to pollutants, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and naturally occurring substances. The levels of these contaminants can vary and may pose health risks if consumed without proper treatment.


Proper Treatment and Testing

  • Before consuming rainwater, it is crucial to ensure proper treatment to minimize potential health risks.

  • Treatment methods may include filtration, disinfection (such as UV treatment or chemical disinfectants), and testing to ensure water quality meets the desired standards.

  • We recommend consulting with water treatment professionals or relevant authorities to determine the appropriate treatment methods and to conduct regular testing of rainwater for safety.


Compliance with Local Regulations

  • It is essential to comply with local regulations and guidelines regarding the collection, treatment, and use of rainwater for drinking purposes.

  • Laws and regulations pertaining to rainwater harvesting and potable water usage may vary across different jurisdictions, so it is your responsibility to understand and adhere to these regulations.


Liability Limitation

  • WildWater RV, LLC shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, or adverse health effects resulting from the consumption or use of rainwater collected through our products or services.

  • By choosing to consume rainwater, you assume full responsibility for the treatment, testing, and safety of the water.

By acknowledging this disclaimer, you understand the potential risks associated with drinking rainwater and agree to assume responsibility for its treatment, testing, and compliance with relevant regulations. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this disclaimer or the usage of rainwater, we encourage you to seek guidance from water treatment professionals or appropriate authorities.

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