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About Us

Sustainable products built for full-timers, weekend warriors, boondockers, and off-grid living, keeping you prepared and staying out there longer.

Our company was started by Matthew and Rachael, two adventure seeking RV enthusiasts with a passion for the outdoors. One of the things that we love most about RV living is the freedom and self reliance provided by the lifestyle. Unfortunately, a consistent hurdle throughout our travels has always been the dependency on traditional water sources. The desire to find a better way turned our attention towards the skies and began our journey to harvest and utilize rainwater effectively. 

At WildWater RV, we are passionate about harnessing the power of nature to provide sustainable solutions for recreational vehicle owners. Specializing in rainwater catchment systems, we help you supplement your water needs and reduce reliance on traditional water sources. Whether you are a full-timer, seasonal camper, or weekend warrior, we want to help you collect water sustainably and stay out there longer!

Leadership Team

Rachael the Co-Founder

Owner & Co-Founder

Rachael LaMalva

Matthew the Co-Founder

Matthew Richards

Owner & Co-Founder

Bo the Dog


Chief Bark Officer

Winston the Dog


Head of Toys

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