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The LifeSaver Jerrycan is a robust and portable water purifier capable of removing viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites instantly. It's ideal for group expeditions, adventurers, families or those setting themselves up for off-grid living.


The LifeSaver Jerrycan is a microbiological water filter that uses ultra filtration technology to filter out viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites from contaminated water sources. It allows you to purify unreliable municipal water supplies, rainwater, water taken directly from lakes, rivers, ponds, and even muddy puddles, allowing you to make thousands of liters / gallons of clean safe water.


The LifeSaver Jerrycan holds up to 5 GALLONS (18.5 liters) of water at any one time is pressurized with a built in hand pump. This pump forces water through the roughly 15 nanometer (0.015 micron) hollow fibre membrane pores of an ultra filtration cartridge and out through the exit nozzle, leaving microbiological contamination behind.


The LifeSaver Jerrycan 20000UF is capable of filtering 5,282 GALLONS (20,000 liters

LifeSaver Jerrycan Portable Water Filter 20K

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    • Jerrycan materials and water effluent both BPA and BPS free
    • Filters out bacteria to a minimum of Log 6 (99.9999%)
    • Filters out viruses to a minimum of Log 4 (99.99%)
    • Filters cysts to a minimum of Log 3 (99.9%) 
    • Activated carbon filter removes chlorine, taste and odour, improving the palatability of water for up to 500 liters
    • Reduces turbidity of glacial, cloudy or muddy water
    • No measuring, wait times or unpleasant taste like when using chlorine or chlorine dioxide
    • LifeSaver purification devices are pressurized with a built in hand pump, no chemicals or power required
    • Exceeds NSF P248 compliance standards by the Independent Test House for virus, bacteria and protozoan cyst reduction by the US Army Public Health Center (MEDCOM)
    • Jerrycan capacity of 18.5 liters/4.9 US gallons
    • FailSafe technology will stop the flow of water once the cartridge has reached it's capacity
    • Includes LifeSaver Jerrycan, manual, plastic flush cap (for cleaning the filter), and a single carbon disk in a poly bag
    • 2-year Manufacturer's warranty